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The Alcantara Family Foundation has experienced another great day with the official start of the Alcantara Team program in the heart of the Raval, in Barcelona. They have reunited the children experiencing the project with one leader, Rafinha, with a live connection from Vigo.

Beneficiaries representatives of the program, the preschool, juvenile, alevin, and cadet teams took part, in the video call, remembering first the happy afternoon of last summer when the Alcantara Family Foundation announced its social project. Today, they introduced this pioneering program of developing values with a focus on promoting healthy habits.

The kids could feel the support of the Alcantara Family Foundation from the voice of Rafinha, happy to see the program start and touched by all the affection and enthusiasm of the children. He was wearing the t-shirt of the Foundation like the rest and had a crazy desire to train.

Rafinha explained how things are going in Vigo this season and expressed his confidence that “The results will show up. That’s what all of us in the team are working for.”

In the exchange of impressions, Rafinha encouraged them to focus on training, to have fun playing soccer, and to enjoy the opportunity to be under the protection of the Associació Esportiva Ciutat Vella and the ALCANTARA FAMILY FOUNDATION.

During the most vivid moment of the conversation, the kids asked Rafinha to dedicate a goal in next Sunday’s game against Athletic. “It’s not likely,” he joked. “But if I get the chance, I will dedicate it to you,” he said, settling with them a precise form of celebration by waving the hand in a way that resembles the design of the logo of the ALCANTARA FAMILY FOUNDATION.

It all ended with the promise of repeating these meetings throughout the year and being able to follow the Alcantara Team experience together.

The aim of the program is to improve the social integration and personal training of the children of Raval, in Barcelona, as a result of the pedagogical strength of soccer. The Alcantara Family, through its Foundation and in collaboration with the Associació Esportiva Ciutat Vella, are developing this social project for the first time during the 2019-20 academic year.





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