Alcantara Family Foundation


Society needs stimuli and initiatives that promote, as in this week, contemplation and collective positioning in the social demand to associate physical activity with health. We are amid celebrating the fifth European Sports Week which, under the auspices of the European Union, is taking place throughout the vast territory of the euro-zone countries with national and regional impact.

Until September 30, activities supporting sport, physical activity and healthy habits are available to society regardless of age, gender, physical condition, and capacity.

Seven more countries from the East and the Balkans have joined the 28 countries.

The idea is to develop physical activity in four areas: educational environment, workplace, outdoor activities, sports clubs, and fitness centers. As a Foundation, we believe that our first action program, Alcantara Team, aimed at children of the Raval in Barcelona, benefits the family and the environment of our beneficiaries and end up valuing the advantages of sport on a personal level, regardless of their status or age. #BeActive!

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