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Carles Folguera is one of the most distinguished sports pedagogues. This week, he visited the heart of the Alcantara Team in Barcelona’s Raval. There, he gave an educational speech to the football teams of the Ciutat Vella Sports Union. For twenty years, Carlos has been the director of La Masia of FC Barcelona and there he watched in the first person how Thiago and Rafinha grew up after arriving being just kids.

The talk focused on their physical activity and the aims of each training session. “In sports, in soccer, in this case, it’s all about evolving and learning, about starting as a group to end up as a team. Work hard every day and listen to your coaches. This way you will gain more confidence, ambition, friendship, respect, companionship, and commitment. Always give your best according to the interests of the team”.

The experience was very positive and motivating for the coaches and friends of the participants in the Alcantara Team program. They invited them to share Carles Folguera’s enormous knowledge in educational training in the world of sport.

Carles Folguera was born in Bell Lloch (Lleida, 1968). As a sportsman, he stood out in FC Barcelona’s Roller Hockey. Considered the best in the world for his exceptional qualities and innovative style. Between his time at Igualada Hoquei Club and FC Barcelona, he won 40 titles, including 7 European Cups. He was also a world champion with the Spanish National Team. Carles holds a degree in Physical Education Teaching (INEFC) and has written essays on pedagogy. He has also created a method adapted to the elite players’ training in La Masia of FC Barcelona.

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