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On November 20, 1959, the United Nations Organization approved a text that included Children’s Rights in the form of a statement. It was not linked, but it was a first step in a process of intense negotiations between governments from all over the world, social and religious leaders, representatives of many organizations and associations, NGOs, etc., which extended this document until it became the Convention on the Rights of the Child on 20 November 1989, which compliance is mandatory for all signatory countries.

Every day of the year is, in our opinion, children’s day because it is our obligation to watch over their integral development, training, education, and growth, respecting their rights and ensuring that they become the best citizens of the future.

If we choose a day to visualize this constant is because every November 20th, we remember that we must not lower our guard and continue fighting for the rights of children. We celebrate the progress made and, since our Alcantara Family Foundation, we add that the real struggle in the defense of their welfare is in the day to day, constantly working to offer them a future of equality.

Society does not guarantee it. In Barcelona, where we develop our Alcantara Team program, not all the neighborhoods live the same way, nor do the boys and girls of Raval, for example, enjoy the same quality of that key aspect we call non-formal education or access to extracurricular activities. It adds the shortcomings risks of a community in which, during adolescence, it is easy to fall into bad habits that cause precariousness, marginalization, and life in small ghettos that, although we do not want to see, are there.

We will continue to do so without differing from this method based on the educational values of sports, soccer in particular, in its ability to reach the hearts of our beneficiaries. With this passion for the ball, we help them gain a better understanding of the small universe that surrounds them. It is a matter of integrating them into the realm of reflection and thought while playing football, a game in which they must make decisions that affect the rest of the team and are transcendence. Same as in life. Soccer teaches us to become better persons.

We like to see that in our foundation, in collaboration with the Associació Esportiva Ciutat Vella, we celebrate the Universal Children’s Day every day.





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