Alcantara Family Foundation


Working as a team for those who need it the most

Working as a team for those who need it the most


We strive to achieve a fairer society with:

Foundation that works to meet social needs of people in vulnerable situations in Barcelona through the involvement of citizens.

Sport association of Ciutat Vella district in Barcelona that offers social sportive opportunities to vulnerable people to promote their social inclusion with APC Raval (a Barcelona City Council service) help.

United Nations agency that works to protect the works of every child and to achieve real and lasting changes in their lives.


We have the essential help of:

Spanish leading chain of organic supermarkets with the mission of offering the best food possible: organic, certified, sustainable and socially fair.

Specialized entity int the creation of full customized football experiences for players and teams from all over the world in Barcelona. 

Foundation dedicated to sports training, academic training and the transmission of human values to players and coaches since 1978.