Alcantara Family Foundation


From ALCANTARA FAMILY FOUNDATION, we dedicate this month of November that begins to CHILDHOOD. November 20, 2019, is World Children’s Day, in which organizations, media, associations, governments, and institutions promote Children’s Rights that already recognized in the first declaration of Human Rights in 1948. In 1954, the General Assembly of the United Nations suggested all countries to highlight a day in the calendar to promote the rights of small children, organizing activities to develop their social welfare.

We will devote the whole month to promote awareness of children’s needs because we believe that this is the most important task. Since children, our children, are the future, we must include welfare, health, nutrition, and educational guidelines. Today, all these needs together with environmental sustainability and sensitivity for new trends in terms of coexistence, tolerance, gender equality, and respect have the same interest.

At the ALCANTARA FAMILY FOUNDATION, our eyes are open to new models and needs of this changing world. Every single action we do on behalf of children is important, no matter how small, as we help them grow up with maturity, personality and the ability to make their own right decisions on how to interact with others. By collaborating with all our local resources, we contribute to a better world. This is the purpose.


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