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The first edition of the Alcantara Team starts next week. Our social action program main purpose is to train through soccer, competent and thoughtful people to be prepared for real life. We want to provide tools and resources to these children and teenagers in a learning process in which game, fun and soccer values combine with a great result.

How will we do it? The key is to provide specific and competent training for coaches to integrate these life skills into training sessions and to ensure that soccer acts as an educational tool for both sport and people.

If we convince coaches of their strength and leadership and give them the pedagogical knowledge, the players will make the leap we expect. That’s why next week’s training session for Alcantara Team coaches is very important as we deploy within the Associació Esportiva Ciutat Vella.

This entity has been promoting sport for years as a social need of the first order for many children whose parents do not have the means or resources to enroll them in a federated football club with its school and competition teams in different categories. The AE Ciutat Vella ensures that everyone can engage in sport as an extracurricular practice at least two days a week and take part in tournaments organized by the City Council to fulfill this sport experience that educates our young people.

We will meet with the trainers of this organization to instruct them new teaching experiences. They will learn games, training, and activities. All, without altering the basic principle of any soccer team: training and playing. They will make working fun plus they will incorporate the reflexive game to learn that each personal decision affects not only oneself but the rest of the team.

That is one skill we are working on and we can divide into three categories:


  1. Interpersonal skills, i.e. social skills, relationship skills with other people


  1. Cognitive skills related to knowledge development


  1. Emotional management skills: about knowledge and control of oneself


They will also open new ways to encourage the participation and involvement of families in the educational process of their children through soccer.

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