Both foundations believe in the importance of improving the lives of those who need it most. Therefore, we renew our collaboration to continue making it possible for young people living on the streets can have a home and a process of accompaniment for their social integration.

Since the beginning of the project in July 2020, caused by the emergency crisis derived from Covid-19, the BACstation has taken in 56 asylum seekers , young people in international protection programs, in the process of social roots and ex-ward.

The BACstation is not just a reception space, it is an integration program.

Currently, the project welcomes 38 migrant students who have at the BACstation a home and a opportunity to achieve their social integration . To do this, these young people have access to language training, training programs for their subsequent job placement, psychological and emotional support and monitoring of the regularization of their stay.

Thiago Alcantara, co-founder of the Alcantara Family Foundation, points out that: “You cannot aspire to social integration without previously having the most basic needs covered. The BACstation is for these young people a first and positive transforming impact on their lives ”.

During these first 6 months of the project, 52% of the students have attended adult school, 27% are part of a training and insertion program, 27% attend non-regulated training and 4% attend training in superior grade. Likewise, most of the students are linked to volunteer activities in social initiatives.

The evolution of the students has been extraordinary.

This process has enabled ten of them to have access to an alternative residence and two of them already have a work contract for the BACstation.

The founder and director of BarcelonActua, Laia Serrano , states that: “The BACstation dignifies and empowers young immigrants, victims of an unjust immigration law that condemns them to marginalization. It is a pride to go hand in hand with the Alcantara Family Foundation, which has been involved since the beginning of the project, co-creating it ”.

The Alcantara Family Foundation thus strengthens its willingness to participate and develop initiatives for social inclusion and personal well-being.

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