Sport has proven to be a fantastic tool for the transmission of positive values and the acquisition of healthy routines and habits , something that is accentuated when working from childhood and youth.

Thus, well directed, the training of any team or young athlete can become an ideal time to reinforce the acquisition of healthy behaviors. When we have fun and feel good, we show a greater predisposition to incorporate new learning or routines, for this reason, that is where the importance of healthy habits should be reinforced.

If in childhood some proper eating habits and physical activity , will be maintained to a large extent throughout life, helping them prevent obesity, as well as numerous cardiovascular diseases, and providing them with a life of energy, well-being and health.

Snacks are a key element for a healthy diet

This mid-afternoon meal usually coincides with the moments of sports practice of the little ones, so we must consider it as a meal of the day as or more important than the others.

Often neglected or forgotten snack is essential to supplement energy expenditure that the boys and girls do during the school day and thus give them enough energy to carry out the extra activities in the afternoon. Also, in addition to the benefits it has for nutrition, the snack is an opportunity for children to feel relaxed and improve their mood, favoring their development and well-being .

For this reason, it is advisable to plan it well and offer a nutritious and healthy option.

Healthy and ecological snacks, Veritas snacks

All children and young people participating in the project Alcantara Team de l’Escola de Futbol Sala APC Raval – AECV enjoy, every training day, a healthy snack thanks to Veritas .

The leading national chain of organic supermarkets offers all project participants a nutritious and energetic snack that allows them to face training with charged batteries. In addition, by incorporating this healthy option, it collaborates in the acquisition of healthy habits by the members of the Alcantara Team.

Thank you, Veritas, for contributing to improve personal well-being and enhance the development of all children of our Alcantara Team.

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