This July 1, 45 Asylum Seekers, Humanitarian Immigrants, and ex-ward youth who are on the streets due to the collapse of public facilities to receive them, entered the Jam Hostel. A hostel in the Gracia neighborhood that, given the situation caused by Covid-19, is kept closed to its regular public and that will be the BacStation.

The foundation BarcelonActua and the Alcantara Family Foundation these people will be given asylum for six months. The project is funded by the Alcantara Family Foundation, of which Thiago, Rafa, Júlia, Valeria da Silva Alcantara and Mazinho are promoters. The objective, clear and simple: to respond to the growing number of immigrants to whom public administrations cannot provide accommodation.

Housing resources. Social insertion

“We believe that to ensure the physical, psychological and emotional integrity of these people, it is essential that they have a housing resource while simultaneously participating in the activities of our Landing Project that enhances language learning, socialization and a successful insertion in a training or job placement program, thereby achieving a true transforming impact on their lives ”he says Laia serrano , founder and director of BarcelonActua.

For his part Valeria da Silva Alcantara points out that “this crisis has put before our eyes a humanitarian problem that requires quick solutions and our agreement with BarcelonActua offers us the opportunity to alleviate part of the problem.”

In these circumstances, the project provides shelter for people who, despite being listed on the municipal shelters lists, have to wait up to 5 months to access a place. The same happens with asylum seekers in Phase 0, who are up to 12 months waiting for an international protection device while they do not have a work permit, which makes them dependent on municipal shelters saturated with very long waiting lists.

Much more than just accommodation
In the hostel, people will have much more than just accommodation. Their stay at the BACStation has to help them to empower themselves, carrying out a series of activities that complement those of the Landing, and help them in their process of social integration in Barcelona.

The mission of the program is to give newcomers the maximum number of opportunities to socialize, creating a social network, training and access, when their state allows it, the labor market.

In addition, following the spirit of BarcelonActua, students participate as volunteers in other social action activities of the Foundation, such as serving dinners or lunches to homeless people, which gives them the satisfaction of feeling useful and being able to help other people in situation of vulnerability, as well as enhancing their integration by interacting with other Foundation volunteers.