The Marcet Foundation joins the socio-sports project of the Alcantara Family Foundation to promote personal development and social integration of young people in vulnerable situations. The signed agreement will allow the Alcantara Team BAC have perfect facilities for proper sports practice.

Sport favors the development of experiences based on positive values

As part of its mission for personal well-being and social development, the Alcantra Family Foundation recently launched the Alcantara Team BAC, a social-sports project aimed at young people from the reception and integration project of the foundation itself together with BarcelonActua ( BACstation). The foundation understands the sport as an instrument at the service of life , a scenario in which to develop vital skills that enhance the personal and social growth of the participants. Therefore, among the principles of this project are the transfer of values , work from a psychosocial perspective and the creation of meeting spaces for the social interaction .

For its part, the Marcet Foundation’s vocation is to give young people from all over the world the opportunity to experience the sports training from a vital point of view , connecting three essential points: sports training, academic training and human values that – thanks to sports – are capable of being strongly imprinted on all their students.

Our values define who we are

In a special talk held within the framework of the signing of the agreement, Mazinho, patron of the Alcantara Family Foundation , he addressed the Marcet academy students and the Alcantara Team BAC players, pointing out that: “each one of us is a reflection of our humility, of our effort, of our work. We are the values that we represent”.

One more step towards their social integration

The fantastic sports facilities of Marcet will be the setting in which, weekly, the young people of the Alcantara Team BAC will enjoy their training sessions. Led by two coaches, each session will become a development platform , not only of soccer skills, but of individual and collective emotional abilities.

The signing of this agreement is a starting point for the joint work between the Alcantara Family Foundation and the Marcet Foundation to promote the values of sport and work with young people for their social integration.


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