The new format, which opens today, is promoted by a UNICEF Spain and Alcántara Family Foundation and will have the support of Clan TVE for its dissemination


MADRID-BARCELONA, March 27, 2020 – UNICEF Spain and Alcántara Family Foundation, by athletes Thiago and Rafinha Alcántara, launch Clip Club TV , a YouTube channel made by and for children and adolescents.

Every day from Monday to Friday at 7:00 p.m., a new Clip Club TV program will be published on YouTube that will show how children are living these days of confinement, sharing the activities, initiatives and reflections that they are living at home.

“Playing and expressing your opinion is a right that all boys and girls have. During these days, many children and adolescents and their families are exploring different ways of entertaining and relating. It is for this reason that UNICEF and together with the Alcantara Family Foundation have created this project as a window to the world and a channel for participation and expression at the service of children ”, explained Javier Martos, executive director of UNICEF Spain.

So that all those boys and girls who want to join can do so, UNICEF Spain has made an appeal through the page project website explaining how to participate guaranteeing the protection of all your rights.

“We are convinced that if we get children to participate in Clip Club TV, they will better understand and assimilate everything that is happening. We cannot forget that, suddenly, school or sports are over for them and they cannot leave home. To understand it better, they need to feel that they are an important part of a collective effort and they need to participate and share ”, said Thiago Alcántara.

For his part, Rafinha Alcantara shared that “both organizations believe that children should actively participate in everything that is happening to them these weeks. His habits and lifestyle have changed from one day to the next. Have we asked them how they are living it? Now, with Clip Club TV, we have the chance to find out ”.

Clan TV, the children’s channel of public television, will begin broadcasting the contents around Easter. Until then, they will be available on your digital platforms.

This initiative of UNICEF and Alcantara Family Foundation produced by La Kaseta, adds to the actions that UNICEF Spain is carrying out to protect the rights of children in Spain against the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the coming days, the supplies ordered by UNICEF Spain will arrive in our country to contribute to the fight against the coronavirus. In total, the organization will provide the health system with 400,000 masks with FFP1 protection, 100,000 virus detection kits, 1,000 protective kits for health workers and hydroalcoholic gels to disinfect hands.

At the same time, to help put a stop to this crisis around the world, UNICEF Spain has also launched a fundraising campaign .


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